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For 20 years, Eleonora Marino directs workshops, internships and courses. Professor at the university, she has worked in the theatre department of the University of Paris VIII (Saint-Denis) in 2008 and since 2005, she teaches theatrical practice at the University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle - UFR of the Theatrical Studies.

Workshops, Internships, Courses 

Exploring the body language as an essential tool in the work of an actor, dancer and performer, the course leads to manage the concepts of space and rhythm through the training. The ability to inhabit the body achieves the dimension of freedom and autonomy of work (Feldenkrais techniques, Qi Gong and Dance Contact).

During the sessions, the research is focused on the movement and all its connections with space, objects, breath and voice in their choir and individual dimension. The main objective is to elaborate a working method for the development of a personal project.

"A very important part of my teaching is dedicated to sensory training, that is a series of exercises whose goal is to increase the sensitivity, the listening and the awakening of the body.
Peter Brook said that it is easy to be sensitive with tongues, fingers, and the face ... but the hardest thing is being (to do it or to be it) with the body. When an actor performs, it must be in a direct relationship with his body, moment by moment. This truth is not only psychological but also physiological, that is what Grotowsky defines "the physical intelligence".


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One concentration is worth more than a thousand thoughts .