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True moments of interaction in the form of happenings, these exchanges with the public give us pieces of life, memories of past moments, snatches of everyday stories that become ... poetic material.

These collections have helped better clarify the relationships that people, whom we’ve met in public places, have with bread, food, and cooking. It’s one way to talk about their relationship with the outside world and enter into their private lives.


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The questions provoke a kind of intimate journal, very personal things.  The child, the orphan speaks... EM


« Eleonora Marino will write down the answers she received to the questions posed to countless strangers on the relationship of each with the power, questioned at the markets, in restaurants, in hospitals, at agricultural colleges, and a nursing home. » La Voix du Nord

« Childhood, loneliness, suffering, joy: Eleonora Marino “grills” the inhabitants of Avenois in the kitchen by talking food. » The Quercitain