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Flying, stained tablecloths that reveal stories and pieces of life. They are there, watching us. These artistic objects in the shape of tablecloths, can be hung on a façade, on a wall, on trees, in display windows... Either indoors or outdoors. This is an itinerant installation, evolutionary and interactive.

Since 2008, Eleonora Marino has created many installations, shown in different places: galleries, museums, festivals, outdoor urban sites, "in situ", cultural and entertainment centres, theatres, town halls...


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The kitchen is my parents, it is the love of my parents. A world of magic and poetry that I had with them. EM


« Four Tablecloths are shown in four display windows downtown, on which are inscribed the words of the Avenois inhabitants, that the artist collected. Of the 180 people interviewed during the five workshops, it was difficult for Eleonora Marino to choice between the words, because they are all fragments of life. » La Voix du Nord  

« Eleonora Marino” lays out” her Tablecloths as an invitation to share, these will be displayed in the city, including shop windows. » La Voix du Nord  

« These words, these sentences, these regards travel with EMTHEATRE, at the heart of the installations: this time, under the banner of Tablecloths, these textile installations are hung in the most unlikely places. » Focus In




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