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"An Egyptian relic? Were The pharaohs packed as our food today? "

 A reflection on the journey that makes food  with its packaging  from our table. Made from collected food packaging, washed, dried, transported and assembled, this pyramid reflects our eating habits.

Since 2008, Eleonora Marino has created many installations, shown in different places: galleries, museums, festivals, outdoor urban sites, "in situ", cultural and entertainment centres, theatres, town halls...


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The pyramid represents the Light, Awakening of Men, the passage from ignorance to knowledge, from the profane life to the initiated life




"Throughout the month of January, Espace Jemmapes on the border of the 19th and 10th arrondissements, the company will present its EMTHEATRE shows, performances and art installations such as The Pyramid. " Focus In

"The products are presented rather than the consumption of food [...] This is a matter of identity. This is precisely what governs this contemporary artist, trained in Milan, at the same time actress, artist, director, and also a lecturer at the University of Paris III. " Altritaliani


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