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The itinerant performance is constructed around a theme, a concept or a specific project.
Our performances are site-specific and integrate the architecture of the places that host them, either indoors or outdoors. They can also be incorporated in a variety of other events. The performances can take place at various times with a variable rhythm, in different spaces.

They can use a wide variety of unusual sites, or spaces normally closed to the public, to transform them from their original functions.

These sites thus become the ideal framework to reach different types of public, mixing chance passers-by with the programmed audience.
The interactive nature of the performance successfully manages to directly engage the audience in tangible, concrete and direct manner. The search for authenticity and the use of the ephemeral find their place through the abolition of artistic borders.

We have created different performances within this vein, among them:

MBin Cooking-the Journey at the Cité des sciences at la Villette
3ème Sexe ?” and Parcours performatif at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale;
“Leonardo:  une vie, une quête”, presented at Couvent des Cordeliers, à Paris…


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Maybe you have to play knowing that the world is an illusion.  And don’t use the pretext that it’s an illusion to not act.  Or to not play.  Yoshi Oida